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Background: View of Memphis's riverfront and greenway.

What's Going On?

Friends for Our Riverfront filed a complaint against the City and Brooks Museum, petitioning the court for a Temporary Restraining Order, Temporary Injunction, and Permanent Injunction.


Neither the City nor Brooks owns this property.  Memphians have an easement to use the property as a Public Promenade and the City is the Trustee. This means that the City can use this land only for the specific purpose of a riverfront greenway.  


As Trustee, the City has a duty to protect this land. The Brooks museum building plan covers an entire block, leaves no space for a greenway, and violates the easement that provides free access to all Memphians. 

FfOR has stood firm in its position that all Memphians have a right to the free and open access to the Promenade, the best land in the city. 

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