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Need another study about Mud Island River Park?

This one a $180,000 feasibility study to evaluate potential use and repair needs of the park's spectacular amphitheater.

The Commercial Appeal reports City Councilmembers were told the study will be handled by Memphis River Parks Partnership (MRPP/RDC). Councilwoman Jerri Green suggested the Council 1st review the $75,000 feasibility study of the whole park, done in 2022, to see if answers are in it.

To put it all in perspective, they might also need to read Bill Dries Memphis News in-depth look at Mud Island River Park and its future, and look at plans in the 1980s, 1990s, the 1999 Waterfront Center led Public Suggestions for Mud Island, the 2004 RDC development plan, and the 2009 plan that basically ended with 3 maps showing different amounts of private development. It'd be interesting to see how much money has been spent on all those plans while Mud Island River Park and its many amenities have been neglected.

Mary Cashiola's article for the Flyer back in 2009 summed up the public's dissatisfaction with the whole process:

(Fade in)

RDC: We want public input at this meeting.

Public: Most of us want a skatepark.

RDC: Okay, we'll go with restaurants.

(Fade out)


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