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There's a lot of misinformation out there.... Don't be confused.

The Public Promenade issue is about conservation, natural resources, public rights, and government accountability.

The goal of Friends for Our Riverfront, since its founding in 2003, has been about protecting the public’s rights on the riverfront and promoting the revitalization of the land and harbor in a way that respects its historic, natural, and aesthetic character.

The Public Promenade is the public’s easement along the riverfront. The easement protects and restricts the use of the land. It is binding on the City and on the descendants of those who dedicated this extraordinary land with exceptional views.

Memphians hold the right to promenade on the historical Fourth Chickasaw Bluff. Friends for Our Riverfront will continue to safeguard this land from the City. The City exists to serve its citizens – not the other way around.

For more information about the Public Promenade, go through this new website.

For information about FfOR's positions and history, look here.


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