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Another location opened up

Memphis Business Journal reported that the plan to convert Raymond James to condos fell through and that the handsome building on Front Street is For Sale.

Up on the bluff, just across the street from Memphis Park and the Public Promenade, on the Main Street trolley with plenty of parking, hotels, and restaurants nearby, it (or some floors of it) would make a great home for a new downtown museum. And it's only a short walk from the Convention Center, baseball and basketball stadiums, government office buildings, restaurants, courts, and Mud Island River Park, which is ready for repair and reopening.

The museum could go on whatever floors Brooks wants to buy or lease. They'd have all the space they need for the art galleries, restaurant, gift shop, educational space. How cool would this be - a sort of downtown vertical village like Sears Concourse! And for everyone to use, right across the street, a connected riverfront greenway all across the face of Memphis. Sounds like it could be a big win for everybody.


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