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Guess where we were yesterday?

December 19, 2023, #43 on the agenda.

Council voted to approve a management contract with Brooks for downtown museum in Parks subcommittee and then “same day” in full council. All without the public being shown the contract. Not the way good government should work.

The vote was not in an emergency situation nor time sensitive since, if the museum can be built on the block they want, it won’t be finished and need to be managed for 2 years.

On the bright side, we did have the opportunity to correct some information in public: 1) we’re not against Brooks Museum; 2) we are suing to protect the public’s right to free and open access to the land along the riverfront; 3) neither the City nor Brooks owns the land; 4) Brooks has not raised the $$ needed; 5) we’ve been trying to work with them since 2017; 6) we’re for a great downtown and world-class riverfront; 7) we welcome the involvement of the Council in discussing what can and should be on the riverfront.

The council should have and could have postponed this vote until the court determines if Brooks can build on the Public Promenade.

Click HERE to listen to the Full Council (start at 3:43:00) or HERE to listen to the Subcommittee (start at 4:25:00)


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